A single page cannot summarize a life...

I've been privileged to work across healthcare, community, and in government. I've turned research and advocacy into action.

After many years, I want to advocate for issues in Etobicoke North to drive real, tangible change that people can feel in the community.


Improving COVID-19 Services for People Re-entering Community

As a Healthcare Equity Researcher at St. Michael's Hospital, I helped shed light on how COVID-19 worsened the health of some of the city’s most vulnerable: people re-entering community from prisons.

Many services went virtual/shut down at the height of COVID. Still, people re-entering community need strong supports to succeed as contributing members of community.


Outreach to Small Businesses and Community Leaders

At Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson), I reached out to small businesses and community leaders in Etobicoke North to raise HIV/AIDS awareness.

I enjoy meeting face-to-face with people. Looking back, I learned that as public servants, we’ve got to take the message and meet people where they are. Whether in the streets or local shops, we've got to take it there!


Making Public Housing a Little More Livable

I led consultations with Black tenants and staff at Jamestown, Rexdale, and Kingsview Village on Anti-Black racism in Toronto Community Housing.

This work led to the creation of The Centre for Advancing the Interests of Black PeopleI’m proud that in this way, I helped make public housing a little more livable, beautiful and equitable.


Lending a Voice to Community Issues

I helped organize a roundtable for Black dads on self-care, relationships, and resilience at Ujima House (a community centre for young dads).

Through their eyes, I peeked into the joys of fatherhood but also fears about how racism would affect their children.


Connecting Young People

Young people connecting with each other can be hard in a sprawling area like Etobicoke North if you don’t have a car.

Inspired, I co-founded a group 'Illumin8' for young people in Rexdale to shed light on local issues, network, explore spirituality, and strengthen our community ties.


Improving Public Health Policy

At Health Canada, I put forward recommendations to policy makers to improve the tracking of adverse drug reactions in the general public. I saw first-hand how government policies are created and put to action.

My core value lies in turning ideas into actions that transforms people's lives. That's why I'm running — to lead through service.

Join me to bring a #newdawn to Etobicoke North. Sign up on this website to volunteer and for campaign updates. 

Go ahead, spread the word on social media and with friends and family.

~ Charles.