Over the past weeks, I have met and spoken with many of you. I have heard your concerns.

As a fellow Etobicoke North resident, I get them.

Our conversations shaped my vison. We need communities that are affordable, safe, and well-connected with public transit. I will be a City Councillor who is not afraid to champion these issues.


Affordable housing for everyone and repairs to TCHC buildings

  • Advocate for all levels of government to reallocate more budget to housing.
  • Ensure upgrades in TCHC buildings to make them safe and livable.


More reliable and consistent TTC service to cut down commute times

  • Introduce more Express Buses to cut down long commutes.
  • Increase transit investment in Etobicoke North.
  • Ensure residents benefit from the Community Benefits Agreement from the Finch West LRT.


Being the voice of new immigrants

  • Help new immigrants land on a strong footing by strengthening programs to allow them practice their professions in Canada.
  • Support new immigrants navigate Canada's healthcare, education, employment, and legal system.


Fight poverty for families, seniors, and people of all ages

  • Provide more city-funded programs to take off the burden of rising cost of living.


Improve Public Safety and Security 

  • Support the police to build better relationships with the community, especially Black residents.
  • Have mental health professionals work with police in high crisis situations.


Tackling COVID-19

  • Tackle COVID-19 by working with local leaders, community groups, and health centres.