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Etobicoke North is my home

This year marked 12 years since my family came to Canada. Like many of us, we came in search of a better life. My single mom raised me and two siblings, tirelessly working multiple jobs to make ends meet.

Times were hard. I was unsure of what my future would hold but was consoled by the words of my elders. They always told me: what matters is not where you are, but how far you have come.

And I have come far

Today, I am a Health Equity Researcher at St. Michael’s Hospital. I’ve helped other new immigrants find their footing. I’ve led local efforts for address health issues in our community.

I've founded a community group for youth to discuss local issuesI’ve enriched the social fabric of Etobicoke North and the city as a whole.

I am the real face of Etobicoke North

I am the face of the of hardworking first-generation immigrants who have made Etobicoke North their home. I am the picture of everyday people who ride the TTC everyday to work, groceries, or places of worship. I represent small businesses, families in Toronto Community Housing, and homeowners.

That's why I am running for City Councillor

I want to give back to this community that has given me so much. I care deeply about issues that affect our community like:

  • Affordable housing for everyone
  • Poverty-related issues to reduce the rising cost of living for families
  • Better, reliable, and accessible public transit
  • Helping police build better relationships with local residents
  • Supporting immigrants to establish themselves in Canada
  • Improving community health services for our seniors, youth, and newcomers

Read on for my full story and local impact in Etobicoke North. 

Join me in bringing a new dawn to Etobicoke North on October 24.

~ Charles